Entry Rules


Entries are open to both residents of Hong Kong and other countries. Photographs submitted must adhere to the following criteria –
1. the photographs must be taken in or be related to Hong Kong and
2. the photographs must be related to the subject of the WMA Masters 2019/20, which is LIGHT. All genres of photography and techniques used to produce images are welcome for submission.  

Application Procedures 

Each applicant can only enter once in each cycle, and each submission must consist of the following: 

Each application consists of the following:

‧ Selection of up to 10 images and captions
‧ Project Statement (max. 200 words)
‧ Personal Biography (max. 200 words)
‧ Personal Information


The full application and submissions process is made online. To start with, you will need to register for an account. Submissions are accepted from 1 June to 11 October 2019 and can be made in either English or Chinese or both languages. 

All applications are private and confidential. Only the names and photographs of the finalists will be publicly released. Each entry must comply with the following requirements: 

Photograph Format

Photographs must be submitted in digital format. The photographs need not be taken with a digital camera; digital scans of negatives, transparencies, or photographic prints or other photographic techniques are acceptable. All digital files must be 5 to 10 MB and must be in JPEG/JPG format. 


Please adjust the photo file sequence manually online in the order in which you would like the portfolio to be reviewed before finalising the submission application. 


Caption information for each image includes the following fields below. Information starred * is mandatory:

‧ Image Year (year image was created or completed)*
‧ Caption Details. Please include location where applicable. (maximum 100 words)

The rest of the fields are optional, to be filled in if relevant:
‧ Title of Image (maximum 50 words)
‧ Series Title (maximum 50 words)
‧ Project Date (If the image is part of a series, the date the project was completed. If project is ongoing, then please write ‘ongoing’. If it is important to provide the project start date too, please do)

Project Statement

Please provide a brief text statement explaining and contextualising your photographic submission. A maximum of 200 words accepted. 

Personal Biography 

Please provide a brief text biography noting highlights of your photographic and artistic pursuits and career. A maximum of 200 words accepted. 

Personal Information 

Please complete the online personal information form in full. The basic information required is as follows:

‧ Given Name
‧ Family Name
‧ Chinese Name (if relevant)
‧ Display Name (as you would like it to be published)
‧ Contact Number
‧ Email Address
‧ Nationality
‧ Country of Residence

Submission Checklist 

To finalise your submission, please refer to the online checklist provided in the application section to assist in a final check:

‧ Personal Information
‧ Photos and Captions
‧ Project Statement
‧ Personal Biography

In addition, tick the mandatory 2 boxes regarding Terms & Conditions and Entry Rules before your final submission of the application.

‧ I agree to the Terms and Conditions
‧ I acknowledge that all photographs submitted were taken in Hong Kong or are directly related to Hong Kong. Any photographs not connected to both Hong Kong and the organiser’s theme will be disqualified.

You will be notified by early 2020 should you be chosen as one of the finalists.