What is WMA Masters? 

The WMA Masters is a non-profit photography award aiming to nurture the growth of photography as an art form in Hong Kong, and to spark discussions of social issues of great importance to Hong Kong through visual images. Each year, a focused theme is chosen for the Award. In 2012, the inaugural theme of the WMA Masters was POVERTY, followed by AIR, WASTE, IDENTITY, MOBILITY, TRANSITION and OPPORTUNITY. Theme for the 2018/19 cycle is LIGHT. 

What are WMA programmes? 

The non-profit WMA programmes were created in 2011 to engage the public and promote positive changes through impactful images of critical Hong Kong issues. WMA also highlights international and Hong Kong photographic and artistic talent with a social purpose. For further information, please visit www.wma.hk.

Who can enter? Do I have to be based in Hong Kong? 

The Award is aimed at emerging and professional photographers and artists. Anyone residing anywhere in the world can enter their work for the Award. Submitted work, however, must satisfy the following criteria – 

1. the photographs must be taken in or be related to Hong Kong, and 
2. the photographs must be related to the theme of the WMA Masters 2019/20, which is LIGHT. Please refer to the Theme and Entry Rules for submission details.

What are the prizes? 

The WMA Masters recipient winner will receive a cash award of HK$250,000. Each of the additional finalists will receive a HK$15,000 cash award. Special Mentions may be given on exceptional cases, and those nominated may be featured in the WMA publications, subject to the judges’ and organiser’s final decision.

Must my submission be an entirely new, unpublished portfolio? 

No, it need not be an entirely new portfolio. Submitted works may have been published, exhibited or may have won other awards and honors. New and previously seen works are both valid entries for the Award.

What genres of photography are expected? 

All genres of photography and techniques used to produce images are welcome for submission. 

Does the entry need to be in English? 

No. Our website accepts submissions in both Chinese and English, and where possible it would be preferable if the applicant provides the submission in both languages.

How much does it cost to enter? 

Entry is entirely FREE. There is no fee to enter or to participate.

Can I team up with other people? Can I submit more than once? 

You may enter individual or joint submission, however, each applicant can only enter once in each cycle.

When is the deadline for entry? 

The submission runs from 1 June to 11 October 2019 (23:59 Hong Kong time; GMT +8:00)

How do I submit my photos? 

All photographs should be submitted through our dedicated website. Submissions by email or in analogue form cannot be accepted. Any hard copy materials sent to us will not be returned nor considered. Any analogue materials, e,g. prints, film, should be scanned into digital files and uploaded via our website.

How many photos can I upload? You can upload a series of no more than 10 photos. 

The photos will not be judged individually, rather as a whole set.

In what format should I submit my photos? 

The digital files must be 5 to 10 Mb and in JPEG / JPG format.

I still can’t submit photos successfully. What can I do? 

1. Check File Size (5-10MB) 
2. Check File Format (JPEG / JPG) 
3. Open the image in any image software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) to see if it can be successfully opened (If the file is corrupt, it cannot be uploaded to our system) 
4. Use image software to export or save as a new JPEG/JPG file 
5. Try to upload in another browser (Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer) 

6. Try to upload photo one by one and save separately.  

If you go through all the above steps and still fail to successfully upload, please email [email protected] and explain in detail the technical issues you encountered and we will endeavour to resolve it as soon as possible.

Apart from photos, what else will I need to include my submission? 

You need to provide a brief project statement (maximum 200 words) explaining your photographic submission, and a brief textual biography (maximum 200 words) noting highlights of your photographic and artistic pursuits and career.

Can I make changes after I upload materials? 

You can work online to upload, edit and delete photographs and text materials. You may make as many changes as you wish, and you must save each change to make it effective. You must also make sure all your materials are finalised before you click the SUBMIT button. Once you have submitted the work, you are unable to make any further changes. At this point, you are only able to log on and review your submission as a read-only document.

Can others see my entry? 

Entries for the Award are confidential and no entries and names of participants will be released. Only finalists’ names will be made public once chosen. Should we wish to publish or exhibit your photos, your prior consent will be sought.

Do I need to submit release forms when submitting photos? 

No. However, the photographer is required to own all rights to the photos and possess any necessary consent of the subjects or models to publish and exhibit them. The organiser will not be held responsible for any legal claims arising from the photos.

Do I retain the copyright in my submitted photographs? 

You will retain copyright and all other rights to any photographs you submit. WMA Masters may however use the photos of the finalists for educational or publicity purposes. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

Is there an appeals process? 

No. The judging panel’s decision is final.

Will the WMA Masters hold an event that I have to attend? 

All finalists will be invited to attend an exhibition in Hong Kong in April 2019 where their works will be on show and the winner will be announced. If there are other events, these would be discussed with the finalists.

Can you explain the process for judging photos? 

Each judge will review all the submissions independently and will draft their first round list. The judging panel will then meet in Hong Kong in November 2019 to pick the finalists. The judges will reconvene and pick the winner at the finalists’ exhibition in April 2020. 

What is the WYNG Foundation? 

WYNG Foundation is a private foundation which recognises that knowledge is power. It seeks to give back to the community by empowering individuals and institutions through support of information exchange platforms – by providing opportunities to acquire, exchange, disseminate and to apply knowledge to achieve a more advanced and a more caring society. For more information about the Foundation and its work please visit: www.wyng.hk