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2021-01-27  |   WMA, WMA Masters

WMA Masters 2019/20 ‘Light’ Comes to a Close

Since early 2020, WMA has been waiting for some time for a safe travel environment to convene the final judging session of the ‘Light’ Cycle of WMA Masters that involves the international panel of jurors.  Unfortunately the uncertainties of the travel situation triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic continues, WMA decided to call the cycle to a close at this stage, so that the finalists will receive their share of the cash award before Chinese New Year 2021. 


The total cash prize of WMA Masters is HK$310,000. Our five teams of finalists Caleb Fung – Light, Liao Jiaming – Do You Know Where the Birds are?, O’ Young Moli, Julian – 1/8, Tang Kwong San, Yuen Nga Chi – Somewhere in Time, and Wong Wei-him – BURNT will split it equally.


Even though the final judging session will not be held, WMA will continue to work with the artists to look for good opportunities to showcase their works to a broader audience.