Remmus Ha - 7“I”s

Remmus Ha

Remmus Ha, Hong Kong artist, has investigated multifarious fields. His aim is to experience and to decode, in greater depth, the complexity of this glamorous city; in an attempt to dig up an alternative view of this city.

Living in an economically driven society, we encounter people from all walks of life; every day they come and go with straight faces, our minds are not quick enough to digest everything. By recording every voice and face through the lens, Remmus believes it can act as a bridge, linking up individuals with the world instantaneously. The entire universe is frozen, prolonged so that one can seek an alternative, balanced perspective from the subjective world. Feelings and expressions are captured and brought to life again, without boundaries or barriers, exposing the real self through images.

Remmus Ha
Project Statement


Thousands of millions of “I”s on the earth, “I” am the one and only.

But “I”, am more than just one –

“I” am a protester, also a counter-protester;

“I” am a man from the outside, a woman from the inside;

“I” am soft and hard-nosed; “I” am also gentle and cruel.

“I”, am blurring in the fast-paced world. Who has ever really known the every “I” inside us?

Are they just a fantasy, an expectation of self?

Are they the same and single id, or diversified egos?

“I”, am lights that never ever stop in the air without fail. Every kind of encounter and cognition is breathing light and shade. Wearing in and wearing out, “I” keep switching.

Between the whites and blacks, blacks and whites, colours of every “I”s leak from the cracks of light.

It is a self-dissection of every “I”, of which multiple “I”s constantly blending, molded into a subtle symphony on the prints.