Jolans FUNG - ‘Opportunity everywhere?!‘

Jolans FUNG

Born in Hong Kong in 1962. Graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux – Arts in Paris, France in 1990. Awards and honours included: the Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s ‘Artist-in-Residence’ programme in Bundanon Art Centre, Australia in 2000; Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, USA as part of the Freeman Foundation’s ‘Artist-in-Residence’ programme in 2005; shortlisted for the Art Promotion Office’s ‘Public Art Scheme’ in 2006; shortlisted for the Hong Kong Art Prize in 2013; and shortlisted for the UOB Art in Ink Awards in 2018.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2014 ‘Luxuriant Materialism’ at Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

2013 ‘Bruce in the Sky with Water’ at Hong Kong Fringe Club Gallery

2010 ‘Heaven And Man As One’ at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2008 ‘Desire/Disappearance’ at Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

2007 ‘Ten Years Remembering & Dreaming’ at Olympian City Gallery, Hong Kong

2007 ‘Footnotes To Oil Street’ at 1a Space, Cattle Depot Artists Village, Hong Kong

2006 ‘Unity’ at 1a Space, Cattle Depot Artists Village, Hong Kong

2005 ‘Senses’ at Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong,

2005 ‘Senses’ at Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

2005 ‘Sensing’ at Vermont Studio Center, USA

2001 ‘Colour Value’ at Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Gallery, Hong Kong

Engaged in painting and photography. Art works collected by private collectors, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Annie Wong Art Foundation, Deutsche Bank and other organisations.

Jolans FUNG
Project Statement

‘Opportunity everywhere?!‘

In recent years, housing prices and inflation have been going up in Hong Kong. Not only do HongKongers struggle with the stresses of everyday life, but they are also frustrated about their inability to buy a home. The sense of confidence that used to define HongKongers is long gone; what remains is just a shifting shadow. In this self-proclaimed modern metropolis, all people want in life is a stable job, counterfeit goods (to satisfy their vanity), or to win the Mark Six so that they can buy a house. Hong Kong is known to be a land of opportunity… but perhaps it is just some kind of an irony.