Ringo Tang - Release.Relief

Ringo Tang

Ringo Tang (b.1961-Hong Kong) – multimedia visual artist, photographer, TVC director. His acute awareness of the art scene is visible in his many faceted works. His reputation is of one who is always experimenting with new styles and pushing to the edge. Ringo has worked as a professional photographer since 1984 and began filmmaking in 1994. Ringo is also committed to the community, developing special cultural projects with the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Museum of History and the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Ringo has exhibited in numerous group shows including: Twin Peaks, Contemporary Hong Kong Photography, Hong Kong Heritage Museum (2014), Breathe Life, ArtisTree (2013), From City to City, ArtisTree (2012), Breathe Life, Siemens 798 Beijing (2011), Magnificent Seven, The OCT Art & Design Gallery (2010), Imaging Hong Kong Contemporary Photography 2009, Hong Kong (2009), Hong Kong Arts Festival, Berlin (1999), and solo shows Think Thing, City Contemporary Gallery Hong Kong (1991), Autonomous City, OP Gallery Toronto (2001), Release.Relief, Gallery Yamaki Fine Art Kobe Japan (2013), and And time future contained in time past, New Gallery on Old Bailey (2014).

Ringo is the recipient of many international and local awards, including D&AD Awards (2011), International ARC Awards (2003), Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (2002), Longyxi Awards (2000), New York Festivals Film & Video Awards (1999, 1998), Mobius Awards (1998), Photo District News Awards (1993), HK4A Best Photography & Creative Awards (1996), HKIPP Hasselblad Award (1995), Time Asia Pacific Advertising Awards, Communications Arts (1993), Art Director’s Club Awards of New York (1993) and HKDA Photography (1990).

Ringo Tang
Project Statement


As time goes by, the circle of life continues.

Life is full of joys and sorrows, comings and goings.

The works of nature have given value and meaning to everything in existence.

Glass debris after extravagance, falling petals, a halt to the song of splendor;

Forgotten esteem, world of the mortals, all shattered in this city of haze.

Their seemingly humble, yet dignified existence witnesses the joy and sorrow of the world.

All the hustle and bustle in this world is about profits.

All wild passion and obsessive desire vanish in the blink of an eye.

What did one own and by whom was one owned?

Who has spent one’s whole life taking possession of something? Yet lets desire slip to a fingertip like quicksand.

The incessant increase of weight and volume is due to human beings’

insatiable desire. 

It also registers a past which does not want to be mentioned, and a future which cannot be realized.

Origin arises and ends, so does every life in the world. It is the course of fate and nature.

The survivors of destruction weep for the changes in life.


Life goes on, while dignity is worn away slowly; but silent time and overflowing desires are eternal.

As the circle of the world continues, people are still seen wandering in the ruins of the city, constructing their dreams in the wasteland.

When shall we ever gain insight? Then we smile again.