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Caleb Fung

Caleb Samuel Fung (b. 1994) is a freelance photographer born and based in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts. His works mainly originate from his background and the environment, exploring humanity and the nature of life.

Caleb Fung was one of the winners of the 2018 WMA Open Photo Contest. His works were featured in an exhibition at WMA Space in 2019.

Caleb Fung
Project Statement


Laws of Hong Kong, Cap. 503 Fugitive Offenders Ordinance

In 2019, the anti-extradition law movement erupted in Hong Kong. Life is now filled with feelings of hopelessness, anger and hatred, as we are confounded by graphic images from the news, day after day.

I am constantly confused by this inescapable reality. Using everyday objects, I reconstruct moments and scenes of the movement, which create a sense of security within myself.

Half of the images evokes anger and fear. The mundane is now unrecognisable, dehumanising and violent. 

Yet the light among us has illuminated new meanings and values for our city – the Space Museum lit up by laser beams, the Hong Kong Way, and the Lion Rock which used to be a twisted symbol of the materialistic Hong Kong spirit but has now come to possess a new identity. It is heartening to see that materialism is no longer the only totem for Hongkongers.