O'Young Moli, Julian - 1/8

O'Young Moli, Julian

This photo series is the collaborative work of a photographer and an architect. Due to the anonymous nature of this project, detailed artist biographies are not available.


O’Young Moli, Julian

O’Young Moli (b. 1992) is an artist who currently works and lives in Hong Kong. Julian (b. 1988) is an architect who currently works and lives in Hong Kong.

O'Young Moli, Julian
Project Statement


Early this summer, a friend of mine who is a photographer met a kindred spirit online. Just as they were getting ready to meet in person, the social movement broke out in Hong Kong, and the two of them became occupied with their own lives. They made a joke that they should see each other only after at least two of the five demands were met. They began an experiment: until this goal is achieved they will only meet in a dark place. The only light source is the flash of an instant camera, as the vague impressions they had of each other from online continue in real life.

To this day, they have met in the dark several times, they each still have no idea of the other’s appearance or identity.