Weilun Chong - Please Mind The Gap | Hong Kong

Weilun Chong

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Weilun Chong was educated in Singapore and graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He first picked up his father’s camera when he was eight, but was more of a hobbyist at first, experimenting and collecting cameras rather than taking photographs. He became more serious about it after learning about street and documentary photography. He holds a day job as an advertising art director and pursues photography during his daily commute and in his personal time.

Weilun Chong
Project Statement

Please Mind The Gap | Hong Kong

The MTR (Mass Transit Railway) in Hong Kong sees people from all walks of life passing through everyday. With each train that pulls up at the stations, these passengers will hear the familiar announcement to “Please mind the gap” echo across. This was the inspiration that turned into a compilation of photographs documenting the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong through the narrow gaps between trains and platform doors, aptly named, Please Mind The Gap.